About Me:
Better know about me, myself and i the Queen of Radio, working scince 1999, then i work for Production House from 2009 to 2011 then move to DHAMAAL world i.e  bakamal n bemisal FM 94 Dhamaal and also pioneer of FM 94. where the voice of the nation was one of the proud of nation I love my own work being Rj and I proves its whenever onair  controlling with a difference that is felt and heard may it be Punjabi slot or challenges or chat talk shows I  know how to  mix blend and attract u all people.

Favourite Movie:

I am Currently Reading:
Attitude, nature of different people, n also different magazines.

Favourite Quote:
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”

Zodiac sign:

Libra the great …its mine that’s why..

Personality Type:
Loving, caring n very kind to juniors.

RJ'ing Style:
Rocking, talk on sensitive issues and most of the time it depends on the show’s tempo, moreover on my mood which  automatically turns on as I step in studio. But often flying high because I am being followed by a revolution.

I am really carefree person, I wears it as long as I feel good about it and makes heads turn wao amazing beea…looking so  pretty…

To achieve my goal.

Badminton ….mostly girls like this one to play.

Umaira Ahmed’s (Peer-e-kamil, Amar bail), Aag ka darya ( quratul ain haider )Mumtaz Mufti’s “Talash” & “Labaik”, Ashfaq  ahmad’s zawiya.

Favourite Food:
All spicy food  which one I like to eat in enjoyable mood,…….and along with I like along with  Chinese, pizzas, fast food.

Favourite Actor:
Jamal shah,anil kapoor and salman khan

Favourite Songs:
I really don’t want to mention a few songs here because as music has no boundaries,but mostly it depend on my mood.

I Love:
I love my family, My friends and I Love myself also…;- )

I Hate:
I don’t hate … yeah dislike … anyone who spoils my mood … backbiting, hypocrisy .

Best Moment in life:
My when my father was alive….now a days when I am with my family like my mom my sister...make a lot of fun with them.

Moment I am waiting for:
I make a plan for my sis n mom so, I want to fulfil soon with the help of Allah subhanatala.

Favourite singer:
Sunidi chohan and Sonu nigham.

Favourite Band:
My most favrt band is junoon.
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