**2017 GMC Sierra Transmission Issues: Understanding Torque Converter Shudder**

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In this article, we will be discussing a common issue with the 2017 GMC Sierra, specifically relating to the transmission. Many owners have reported experiencing a rumbling noise at low speeds, and this article aims to shed light on this problem and provide a deeper understanding of the issue.


The 2017 GMC Sierra in question is equipped with a 5.3-liter engine and has a remanufactured transmission with approximately 10,000 miles on it. Upon inspection, there are no visible signs of external leaks, and the transmission appears to have been installed correctly. However, upon checking the fluid, it is evident that the fluid is dark and contains black clutch material. This suggests a potential problem with the torque converter.

Torque Converter Shudder

To further investigate the issue, a road test was conducted. The rumble noise was confirmed at around 35 miles per hour, and it was determined that the noise was coming from the torque converter. This noise is described as a consistent shudder, indicating a problem with the torque converter system.

Front Pump Damage

Upon tearing down the transmission, it was discovered that the front pump of the torque converter was scored. The scoring is visible in the accompanying photo, and it can be felt with a fingernail. While there is a service bulletin from GM stating that light scoring is normal, once the pump becomes significantly scored, replacement is necessary. The damage to the front pump is likely the culprit behind the rumble noise and shuddering sensation during low-speed operation.

Metal Debris Build-up

Another concerning finding during the teardown is the accumulation of metallic debris on the magnet and in the transmission pan. This metal circulation through the filter indicates potential damage inside the transmission. The filter itself also contains metal particles, further affirming the presence of transmission issues.

Clutch Condition

Inspecting the clutches in the transmission, it is evident that there is metal embedded into the clutch fibers. While there are light heat marks on the steels, overall, the clutch condition is not severe. However, there is a slight embedding of metal into the clutch fibers, which can contribute to further transmission problems if left unaddressed.

Recommendation for Resolution

Considering that the GMC Sierra in question has a remanufactured transmission, it is recommended to contact the remanufactured company for a replacement unit. Given the extent of the torque converter and front pump damage, it is crucial to install a new transmission to address the shuddering and rumble noise issue effectively.


In conclusion, the 2017 GMC Sierra transmission problem discussed in this article highlights the importance of regular maintenance and proper diagnosis when addressing vehicle issues. The torque converter shudder experienced by the customer can be attributed to damage in the front pump, leading to metal debris circulation and potential clutch problems. By replacing the transmission with a new unit, the rumbling noise and shuddering issue can be resolved, ensuring a smoother driving experience for the GMC Sierra owner.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights into the 2017 GMC Sierra transmission issues and the torque converter shudder problem. Stay tuned for more informative content about 6L80E transmiss

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