How To Resolve Disney+ Not Working on PS5: A Comprehensive Guide [Updated 2023]

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Disney+ is one of the popular streaming services in the current era, supported by platforms like PlayStation 5. While many enjoy seamless streaming, others might encounter issues in using Disney+ on their PS5. This guide provides detailed solutions to address such problems.

Key Points

1. Check Disney+ Availability in Your Region

Disney+ may not be accessible on PS5 in certain countries due to PlayStation service unavailability. In such cases, you might want to consider accessing Disney+ via phone, TV, or computer.

2. Restart the Disney+ App

A simple restart might fix minor glitches.

3. Power Cycle Your PS5

Rebooting the console could resolve the issue if the first two fixes don’t work.

4. Check PSN Server Status

Ensure that there are no server issues affecting PlayStation Network.

5. Check Disney+ Servers

Use other devices or social media platforms like Twitter to confirm if there are any ongoing Disney+ server issues.

6. Sign Out and Sign Back into Disney+ Account

Verify that your Disney+ account is active and not logged in on another device with the same connection.

7. Disable HDR

If HDR is enabled on PS5, it might prevent the Disney+ app from running. Turning it off in the PS5 settings may resolve the issue.

8. Reboot Modem/Router

A proper connection check, followed by a power cycle on the modem or router, might resolve connectivity issues.

9. Check for Faulty Internet Connection

Run a speed test on PS5 to confirm that your connection speed meets Disney+’s requirements.

10. Keep PS5 Software Updated

Ensure that the console’s software is up-to-date.

11. Delete and Reinstall the Disney+ App

A reinstallation might be the final solution if all else fails.

Resources Mentioned and Their Uses

  • Disney+ Service: Streaming platform with various shows and movies.
  • PS5 Settings: The place to manage video output, HDR options, system software, and apps.
  • PlayStation Network (PSN): The digital media entertainment service by Sony.
  • Official PlayStation Website: To check the PSN server status.
  • Twitter (#DisneyPlusDown): To check Disney+ server issues.


The above steps provide comprehensive solutions to tackle Disney+ not working on PS5. Ensure to follow the guidelines as per your specific problem, and feel free to consult the original video guide from TDG Gaming on YouTube. Share this article to help others who might be facing the same issues. Happy streaming!

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