How Does a Toyota Highlander Hold Up After 400,000 Miles? A Full Inspection Reveals Impressive Durability

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Toyota Highlander

Have you ever wondered how well a Toyota Highlander can hold up after accumulating almost 400,000 miles? In this article, we will conduct a full inspection of a Toyota Highlander with an impressive mileage and reveal its overall condition.

The Toyota Highlander in question is a single-owner vehicle that has primarily been used as a work car. Although it was not meant to be kept in pristine condition, the interior has been well-preserved. In fact, despite some rust and battle scars from highway driving, the exterior of the vehicle remains in decent shape.

During the inspection, we will address the owner’s concerns, which include vibrations and the general health of the suspension. We will also take the vehicle for a test drive to assess its performance.

Exterior Inspection

Upon examining the exterior of the Toyota Highlander, it is evident that the vehicle has been driven extensively on highways. This is apparent from the battle scars and rust in certain areas. However, overall, the exterior is in relatively good condition, considering the mileage it has accumulated. The back bumper does have a small accident-related damage, but it does not affect the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Interior Inspection

Moving to the interior, it is clear that this Toyota Highlander has been used primarily as a work car. As a result, the interior is not as clean as one would expect from a family car. However, the mileage on the vehicle is what truly stands out. With 388,125 miles on the odometer, this Highlander has surpassed the breaking point of many other vehicles.

During the test drive, we notice that the engine runs smoothly, despite the presence of the check engine and tire lights. These issues are not significant and can be addressed easily. The vehicle handles well, and the transmission shifts smoothly. Overall, the performance of this high-mileage Highlander is impressive.

Under the Hood Inspection

When we lift the Highlander up to inspect the undercarriage, we can truly see the condition of the vehicle. Upon examination, we notice that the power steering fluid is low, indicating a potential leak. The valve cover also shows signs of a small leak. Other than these minor issues, the engine appears to be in good condition.

The radiator shows no signs of leakage, and the coolant is in good condition. However, we do notice a seeping line, though it is unlikely to be the cause of the fluid level decrease. Overall, the high-mileage Highlander’s engine is holding up remarkably well.

Suspension and Brake Inspection

Moving on to the suspension, we observe some concerning signs. The strut mounts show signs of rust, and the struts themselves appear to be worn down. The control arm bushings also display significant tears, which may require replacement. The rear struts are particularly worrisome, as they are leaking oil. Additionally, the tires on the rear of the vehicle show signs of dry rot and will need to be replaced.

Drivetrain Inspection

One of the owner’s concerns was the presence of vibrations while driving. During our inspection, we discover that the vibrations are likely caused by worn-out U-joints. These joints display excessive movement, indicating their deterioration. Replacing these joints should help eliminate the vibrations.


In conclusion, this Toyota Highlander has demonstrated impressive durability and reliability, despite accumulating nearly 400,000 miles. The exterior may show signs of wear and tear, but the vehicle remains in overall good condition. The engine runs smoothly, the transmission shifts well, and the suspension performs adequately. Although there are some areas that require attention, such as the strut mounts, control arm bushings, and U-joints, these are manageable repairs.

This Highlander serves as a testament to the importance of regular maintenance and care for your vehicle. By taking proper care of your car, it can serve you for a considerable amount of time without requiring major repairs. So, if you want your car to stand the test of time like this Toyota Highlander, make sure to prioritize maintenance and address any issues promptly.

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