How to Clean Carpeted Wheel Arches for a Sparkling Car

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Car Cleaning Guru presents a step-by-step guide on cleaning those hard-to-reach carpeted wheel arches that often go overlooked during car washing. In this article, we will discuss the importance of cleaning carpeted arch liners, the tools and products needed, and the process for achieving a thorough clean. By following these instructions, your car’s wheel arches will look fresh and be easier to maintain in the future.

Key Points:
1. Introduction to the importance of cleaning carpeted wheel arches
2. Gathering the necessary tools and products
3. Step-by-step process for cleaning the arch liners
4. Using a snow foam lance for effective cleaning
5. Rinsing off the arch liners and drying them
6. Vacuuming the arch liners for a complete clean
7. Treating the arch liners with a fabric guard for protection and easier future cleaning
8. Final steps and the satisfaction of a clean and well-maintained car

Carpeted wheel arches may not be a common sight, but they can easily accumulate dirt and debris, affecting the overall cleanliness of your car. While some may consider cleaning them to be a waste of time, it is essential to remove someone else’s dirt and maintain a high standard of cleanliness in all areas of your vehicle. In addition, cleaning the arch liners thoroughly makes it easier to keep them looking fresh in the future.

Tools and Products:
Before getting started, gather the following tools and products:

  • Jack and stand to lift and secure the car
  • Chemical cleaner, such as traffic film remover or citrus degreaser
  • Pressurized pump sprayer for even application of the cleaner
  • Stiff brushes of medium stiffness for effective agitation without damaging the liner
  • Snow foam lance for an all-encompassing application of cleaning product (optional)
  • Towels and a blow dryer for drying the arch liner
  • Wheel cleaner and shampoo for cleaning the disconnected wheel
  • Vacuum cleaner with an open end plastic hose and crevice tool for vacuuming the arch liner
  • Exterior fabric guard, such as 303 Fabric Guard, for protection against future dirt and easier cleaning

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Lift and secure the car: Jack up the car and secure it using a stand, ensuring safety during the cleaning process.
  2. Apply the chemical cleaner: Spray the arch liner with the chemical cleaner, ensuring complete saturation of the material. Pay attention to the top part of the arches as they often conceal the most dirt.
  3. Agitate the material: Use stiff brushes to agitate the material and work the cleaning product into the carpeted arch liners. Be careful not to be too aggressive to avoid damaging the liner.
  4. Rinse off the arch liners: Thoroughly rinse off the arch liners, starting from the top to prevent recontamination. This may take some time as carpeted arch liners absorb water.
  5. Dry the arch liners: If air drying isn’t an option, use towels or a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.
  6. Clean the disconnected wheel: Take the opportunity to clean the disconnected wheel using a wheel cleaner and shampoo. Rinse off the wheel thoroughly once cleaned.
  7. Vacuum the arch liners: Use a vacuum cleaner with both the open end plastic hose and crevice tool to remove any remaining debris from the arch liners.
  8. Apply fabric guard: Treat the arch liners with an exterior fabric guard, applying it generously and overlapping the areas. This will help repel dirt and make future cleaning easier.
  9. Wipe down surrounding paintwork: Remove any overspray from the surrounding paintwork to ensure a clean finish.

Cleaning carpeted wheel arches is a crucial part of maintaining a clean car. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can achieve a thorough clean and protect the arch liners for easier maintenance in the future. Remember, even though these areas may get dirty again, removing someone else’s dirt and bringing specific areas up to your standard of cleanliness is truly satisfying. So, give your car’s carpeted wheel arches the attention they deserve and enjoy a sparkling clean vehicle.

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