How to Measure the Rear Axle Housing Width for Your Car

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Are you in the process of customizing your car and need to measure the rear axle housing width? It’s important to get this measurement right to ensure that your wheels fit properly in the fenders. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of measuring the rear axle housing width, which will help you choose the right housing for your car and ensure a perfect fit.

Step 1: Order the Wheels or Housing First

There are two common ways to go about choosing a rear axle housing. The first option is to order the housing in a predetermined length and then fit your wheels to that housing width. The second, and more common way, is to order the wheels separately and then fit the housing to those wheel specs. Depending on your preference and requirements, you can choose the option that suits you best.

Step 2: Choose the Right Housing

Once you have decided on the method of selecting your housing, it’s time to choose the right one for your car. There are various housing options available, but one of the most popular ones is the Ford nine-inch housing. This housing is compatible with Detroit Speed quadrant brackets, making it suitable for a wide range of muscle cars such as the 67-69 Camaro and the 68-74 Nova.

Step 3: Measure the Housing Flange to Housing Flange

To measure the rear axle housing width, you will need to take four specific measurements. The first measurement is the housing flange to housing flange distance. This refers to the distance between the face of the housing flange on one side to the face of the housing flange on the other side. This measurement is relatively straightforward and helps determine the overall width of the housing.

Step 4: Determine the Brake Offset

The next measurement to consider is the brake offset, which is dependent on the type of housing flange you are using. For example, if you are using a Torino end housing flange, the brake offset will be different compared to a late Ford big bearing housing flange. The brake offset measurement is the distance from the face of the housing flange to the face of the axle flange. This measurement is crucial for ensuring that the brakes and wheels line up correctly.

Step 5: Understand Axle Flange to Axle Flange Measurement

The axle flange to axle flange measurement is the distance between the face of one axle flange to the face of the other axle flange. This measurement helps determine the overall width of the axle assembly. Taking into account the brake drum or rotor thickness is important to ensure an accurate measurement. For example, if the housing width is 54 and three-quarter inches and you have a quarter-inch rotor, the overall width would be 55 and a quarter inches.

Step 6: Consider Wheel Mount Surface Width

Finally, you need to consider the wheel mount surface width, which takes into account the thickness of the rotor or brake drum. This measurement is essential to determine the overall width of the rear axle assembly, including the brakes. It’s crucial to include this measurement when ordering your wheels to ensure they fit perfectly.

By following these steps and taking accurate measurements, you can choose the right rear axle housing for your car. Remember to use the handy housing measurement form provided by GearFX, which can be found in the video description.

In conclusion, properly measuring the rear axle housing width is vital to ensure a perfect fit for your car’s wheels. By understanding the measurements and taking accurate readings, you can confidently choose the right housing for your needs. If you have any additional questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact GearFX at 704-799-0955. Happy customizing!

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