Installing a 4-Post Car Lift in a Home Garage with a 10-Foot Ceiling

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In this article, we will explore the process of installing a 4-post car lift in a home garage with a ceiling height of 10 feet. We’ll dive into the details of the installation process, discuss the equipment needed, and highlight the key points to ensure a successful installation. The goal is to provide a step-by-step guide for anyone looking to install a car lift in their own garage.

Key Points

  1. Purchasing the Car Lift: The author managed to find a great deal on a 4-post car lift, costing only $2,500. It is capable of lifting up to 9,000 pounds, making it suitable for most vehicles.
  2. Adjusting the Garage Door: To accommodate the car lift and gain extra clearance, the author plans to install a high lift kit. This kit moves the door track up further, allowing for additional space above.
  3. Set Up and Preparation: The author acknowledges the need to clean and clear out the garage before starting the installation process. However, due to time constraints, they decide to proceed with the setup as it is.
  4. Using an Engine Hoist: The installation process involves using an engine hoist to lift and maneuver the car lift’s components. This can be challenging when working alone, as finding the right balance and position can be difficult.
  5. Positioning the Car Lift: The author decides on the optimal position for the car lift in the garage, taking into consideration factors such as garage door access and available space.
  6. Challenges Faced: During the setup process, the author encounters challenges with the cross pieces of the car lift. They have shifted, causing difficulties when unloading and moving the components.
  7. Working with Cables and Pulleys: The installation involves setting up cables and pulleys, which require careful handling and adjustment to ensure proper functioning of the car lift.
  8. Testing the Lift: After completing the installation, the author tests the car lift by raising and lowering it. They also demonstrate the capacity for parking a vehicle on the lift safely.
  9. Further Improvements: The author plans to make additional enhancements to the car lift setup, including adding lights, an outlet, and potentially a high lift transmission jack. These improvements will enhance the functionality and usability of the car lift.

Installation Process

  1. Clearing the Garage: Before starting the installation process, it is recommended to clear out the garage, creating ample space for the car lift and ensuring a safe working environment.
  2. Adjusting the Garage Door: The installation of a high lift kit is essential for gaining additional clearance and accommodating the car lift. The high lift kit moves the door track further up, allowing for more space above.
  3. Positioning the Car Lift: Carefully plan the placement of the car lift in the garage, considering factors such as garage door access, available space, and future usage. It is important to ensure there is enough room for vehicles and easy access to all sides of the lift.
  4. Using an Engine Hoist: When working alone, using an engine hoist can help lift and maneuver the heavy components of the car lift. Ensure that the balance and position are correct to avoid any accidents or damage.
  5. Securing the Cross Pieces: Take extra care with the cross pieces of the car lift during the setup process. Ensure they are properly aligned and secured to prevent any shifting or movement.
  6. Handling Cables and Pulleys: Properly set up and adjust the cables and pulleys to ensure smooth operation of the car lift. It may be necessary to use tools such as straps and pry bars to assist in the process.
  7. Testing the Lift: After completing the installation, thoroughly test the car lift by raising and lowering it multiple times to ensure it functions correctly and safely. Check for any abnormalities or issues that may require adjustment.
  8. Additional Enhancements: Consider adding lights, an outlet, and other functionality upgrades to the car lift setup. This will enhance the overall usability and convenience of the lift.


Installing a 4-post car lift in a home garage with a 10-foot ceiling is a feasible project, as demonstrated by the author’s successful installation. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this article and taking care during the setup and adjustment stages, anyone can achieve similar results. Whether for personal use or professional purposes, a car lift provides convenience and ease when working on vehicles in a home garage setting.

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