Top 3 FREE Sports Apps for Amazon Fire Stick

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In this comprehensive guide, we will take a detailed look at three fantastic, completely free sports apps that sports fans can install on their Amazon Fire Stick. From baseball to soccer, and from fishing to poker, these top apps provide an extensive range of content that caters to a variety of interests. Here, we will explore the unique features of these apps, including installation methods and location-based access.

Sports Tribal

Sports Tribal is a new sports app that provides a wide range of sporting content:

  1. Variety of Sports: From motocross to MMA, snow sports to world poker, extreme sports, women’s sports, college, and lacrosse, Sports Tribal has something for every fan.
  2. Channels and Highlights: The home screen highlights live channels, what’s popular, new channels, and highlights from different sports categories.
  3. TV Guide: A handy addition that helps users plan their viewing by showing all channels and future scheduling information.
  4. Location-Based Access: Currently only available in the UK, or to those using a UK IP address like via NordVPN (link provided in the description).

Resources Mentioned:

  • NordVPN: A recommended tool for changing your IP address to access region-specific content.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another excellent free app with a rich sports section:

  1. Live TV Channels: Including CBS Sports, Fox Sports, NFL channel, baseball, soccer, PGA Tour, and more.
  2. On-Demand Section: An excellent repository for catch-up on sporting action, highlights, documentaries, and movies.
  3. Global Availability: Available worldwide, though not all channels and content are accessible in all locations. Again, using NordVPN connected to a U.S. server can enhance content availability.

Resources Mentioned:

  • NordVPN: Used to change location and view more content.

Cloud TV

Cloud TV is a live TV app that offers 60 free live channels, including a decent sports section:

  1. Free Streams: From channels like Impact, Bien Sports Extra, Unbeaten, Hard Knocks, and more.
  2. 14-Day Catch Up: You can watch the past 14 days of programming on demand, all for free.
  3. Outdoor Sports: Even caters to enthusiasts of outdoor sports, cycling, and lacrosse.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Downloader App: Used to install the app if not available on the Amazon App Store.

Installation Guide

  1. Access Permission: Enable the downloader to install apps from settings.
  2. Type the Code: Open the downloader and type in 28907, then click go.
  3. Search and Install: Type the app name, move down the page, click download next to it, and install.


These top three apps, namely Sports Tribal, Pluto TV, and Cloud TV, offer sports fans an incredible range of content completely free of charge. Be it live sports, highlights, or catching up on previous events, these apps have got you covered. Remember to utilize tools like NordVPN to enhance your viewing experience. Hit that thumbs up button, comment, and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any exciting updates!

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