How To Resolve Disney+ Not Working on PS5: An Updated Guide for 2023

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One of the popular streaming platforms in the current era, besides giants like Netflix, is Disney+. Supported by PlayStation consoles, Disney+ offers a seamless streaming experience to most users. However, some PS5 owners are facing issues while trying to access Disney+.

Here’s an in-depth guide to troubleshoot and fix the “Disney+ not working on PS5” issue for 2023. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully to resolve the issue.

Key Points and Solutions

1. Check Disney+ Availability in Your Region

  • Disney+ is not available in all countries, and you may face difficulties if your region doesn’t support it. For instance, in the Philippines, accessing Disney+ on PS5 might be challenging due to the lack of PlayStation services.
  • A workaround might involve creating a PSN account with a different region like Hong Kong, Singapore, or the US. However, Disney+ might still be unavailable, so consider using alternative devices like TV, computer, or phone.

2. Restart the Disney+ App

  • Minor glitches can often be solved by simply restarting the Disney+ app.

3. Power Cycle Your PS5

  • If restarting the app doesn’t work, try refreshing your console by:
    • Pressing the PS button.
    • Selecting the power icon.
    • Hitting the restart PS5 option.

4. Check PSN and Disney+ Server Status

  • Server issues can prevent Disney+ from functioning.
    • Check the PlayStation network servers on the official PlayStation website.
    • Verify if there are any issues with Disney’s servers in your area.

5. Sign Out and Sign In to Your Disney+ Account

  • Ensure that your account is active and not suspended, banned, or expired. Try streaming Disney+ on another device to check.

6. Disable HDR

  • A temporary fix might include disabling HDR, as it can cause the Disney+ app to stop working on PS5.
    • Go to settings.
    • Select ‘Screen and Video.’
    • Find the HDR option and turn it off.

7. Reboot Modem/Router

  • Check your connection and perform a standard power cycle on the modem or router.

8. Check for Faulty Internet Connection

  • A stable internet connection with a minimum of 10 Mbps is required for Disney+ to run smoothly. Perform a speed test on your PS5 to check.

9. Keep PS5 Software Updated

  • Outdated console software can cause issues. Update your system software through:
    • Settings > System > System Software > Update System Software.

10. Delete and Reinstall the Disney+ App

  • If all else fails, consider reinstalling the app:
    • Select storage from settings.
    • Select console storage, then games and apps.
    • Select the app you’d like to delete and delete it.
    • Reinstall Disney+ from the PlayStation Store.


These solutions should effectively address the problem of Disney+ not working on your PS5. If this guide was helpful, please like, comment, or share, as it can assist others facing the same issues. Stay updated for more guides on PS5-related problems.

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