** The Walkie Scorchy: London’s Heat-Reflecting Building**

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Walkie Scorchy Building


In the heart of London, a peculiar phenomenon has caught the attention of residents and visitors alike. The Walkie Scorchy, a 37-storey tower previously known as the Walkie-Talkie, has become London’s latest hotspot, not because of its stunning architectural design, but because of a beam of light that radiates onto the streets below, causing cars to melt. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this extraordinary occurrence, the impact it has had on the city, and the measures being taken to address the issue.

The Walkie Scorchy: A Marvel of Architecture Turned Heat Hazard

The Walkie Scorchy tower is distinguishable by its curved construction, which gives it a unique and often mesmerizing appearance. However, this unique design has had a significant unintended consequence. The curved shape of the building acts as a magnifying glass for solar energy, focusing it down onto a specific point on the street below. As a result, the temperatures in this area can reach astonishingly high levels, posing a threat to anything within the direct glare of the reflection.

Record-Breaking Temperatures and Damage

The intense heat generated by the Walkie Scorchy tower has been recorded at a scorching temperature of 92.6 degrees Celsius (198.7 degrees Fahrenheit). This level of heat is so extreme that it has caused substantial damage to nearby cars, with some even melting under the intense glare. Carpets have been seen smoldering, and tiles have shattered due to the extreme temperatures. The heat is so intense that one could even fry an egg on the affected surface, and standing in its direct path can be a scorching experience for pedestrians.

The Walkie Scorchy: An Inconveniently Timed Problem

One of the most unfortunate aspects of this issue is its timing. The reflection of intense heat from the Walkie Scorchy tower occurs during lunchtime, one of the busiest times of the day. This means that not only are people exposed to the discomfort of the oppressive heat, but they also have to be cautious about the potential damage it can cause. Londoners, accustomed to a milder climate, have had to adjust to this unexpected hazard in their everyday lives.

Efforts to Rectify the Problem

Acknowledging the seriousness of the issue, the designers of the Walkie Scorchy tower are actively working to resolve the problem. They attribute the current situation to the specific angle of the sun’s elevation, which will last for the next two to three weeks, weather permitting. During this time, the sun shines directly onto the building, exacerbating the heat reflection issue.


The Walkie Scorchy tower in London has captured both fascination and concern due to its ability to melt cars and cause damage through the focus of intense solar energy. This architectural marvel turned heat hazard has highlighted the importance of considering not only the aesthetics of a building’s design but also its potential impact on the surrounding environment. As efforts are being made to rectify the issue, Londoners continue to adapt to this unusual phenomenon and navigate the potential dangers it presents.

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