How to Utilize the Weight Watchers App: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Weight Watchers app is an essential tool for those who are new to the program or even those who have been using it for years. However, the complexity of the app and all its features can be daunting. In this guide, I’ll break down the app’s functionality, and help you make the most of it. Although there isn’t a direct mention of the “weight watchers app activity tracker not working,” these insights can help you better understand the app as a whole.

Key Points:

  1. Creating Recipes
  2. Tracking Food and Water
  3. Multi-Tracking Items
  4. Searching and Scanning Foods
  5. Customizing Meals and Recipes
  6. Utilizing the Zero Point Foods List
  7. Navigating through Restaurants Section

Step-by-Step Process:

Creating a Recipe

  1. Go to Create Recipe: You can find this option in the app, where you can give the recipe a name, e.g., “Bacon Delight.”
  2. Add Ingredients: Here you can search, scan barcodes, or manually enter ingredients and their quantities.

Tracking Food and Water

  1. Track Food: You can search or scan the barcode of the food item and add it to your daily log.
  2. Track Water: Custom serving size allows you to specify the amount, e.g., 17 ounces for bottled water.

Multi-Tracking Items

  1. Use Multi-Track: Select multiple items that you’ve recently eaten and track them together.

Searching and Scanning Foods

  1. Use the Search Bar: Type in what you’re eating and choose from the options, or scan the barcode of the actual brand you’re using.
  2. Use Quick Add: If you can’t find something, you can manually enter the details.

Customizing Meals and Recipes

  1. Create a Meal: Save everything as a meal if you eat it regularly.
  2. Create a Recipe: Add ingredients individually, considering zero point foods.

Utilizing the Zero Point Foods List

  1. Find the List in App: Check all your zero-point food options to better plan your meals.
  1. Search by Points or Restaurant: You can find the points for restaurant items ahead of your visit to better plan your meal.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Zero Point Foods List: Helps in identifying foods that don’t count against your daily points.
  • Restaurants Section: Assists in identifying the points associated with various restaurant meals.


The Weight Watchers app offers a comprehensive range of features to help you manage and monitor your eating habits. By understanding how to create recipes, track food and water, utilize zero point foods, and more, you can tailor your Weight Watchers experience to your needs.

This guide does not specifically address the keyword “weight watchers app activity tracker not working,” but the insights provided here will hopefully assist in enhancing your overall experience with the app.

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