What Does the Blue Light on My Subaru Dashboard Mean?

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When starting your car, you may notice a small blue light on your Subaru dashboard. This light is often seen during colder weather or after your car has been sitting overnight. In this article, we will explain the meaning behind this blue light and provide some additional information about your Subaru’s temperature gauge.

The blue light is an indicator that your engine is cool. Unlike some other Subaru models, such as Cross Tracks, Foresters, and Imprezas, your car may not have a temperature gauge. Therefore, when this blue light appears, it is not a cause for concern or an indication of any imminent danger to your vehicle. It simply means that you should take it easy and avoid driving too aggressively until your car has had a chance to warm up.

As your car warms up and the fluids reach the optimal operating temperature, the blue light will automatically turn off. This provides a convenient signal that your car is ready to go, and it also means that you can turn on your heater to enjoy warm air inside the vehicle. This becomes particularly useful during cold winter months when you need to know if your engine has reached the appropriate temperature for heating.

However, it is important to be cautious if the blue light ever turns red. A red light indicates that your engine is too hot, and immediate action should be taken. If you notice the red light, it is imperative that you stop driving immediately and allow your engine to cool down. If you pull over to a safe location and observe smoke coming from the engine, then it is likely that your engine has overheated. In this case, it is highly recommended to contact your Subaru dealer and arrange for service or repairs.

In summary, the little blue light on your Subaru dashboard is a harmless indicator that your engine is cool and has not yet reached the optimal operating temperature. It is a good practice to drive moderately until the light turns off, signaling that your car is warmed up. Moreover, this blue light also serves as a helpful reminder to turn on your heater when the weather is cold outside.

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