What Does the Blue Light on My Subaru Dashboard Mean?

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Are you wondering what the little blue light on your Subaru dashboard means when you start your car? In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to understand the meaning behind this indicator light. As an expert copywriter at Nate Wade Subaru, we have received many questions about this topic, and we are here to provide you with the answers.

When the weather starts to get cooler, you may notice a small blue light coming on near your rpm gauge on your Subaru dashboard. This light indicates that your engine is cool. Unlike some other Subaru models, such as the Cross Tracks and Foresters, which don’t have a temperature gauge, this blue light serves as an indicator of the engine’s temperature.

It is important to note that when this blue light turns on, it does not mean that your car is in danger or that you will harm your vehicle by driving it. It simply serves as a reminder to take it easy and not drive too aggressively until your car has had a chance to warm up. So, if you see this blue light, it is advisable to drive cautiously until the engine reaches its optimal operating temperature.

Once your car warms up and all the fluids reach the ideal temperature for operation, the blue light will automatically turn off. This indicates that your engine is now at the optimal temperature and you can proceed with your regular driving routine. An added benefit of this is that you can also turn on your heater and enjoy warm air inside your car, as the engine has warmed up enough to provide heat.

It’s important to be aware of a potential issue if the blue light on your Subaru dashboard turns red. A red indicator light signifies that your engine is too hot, and it is crucial to stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with an overheated engine can cause serious damage to your vehicle. If you encounter a situation where the light turns red, find a safe place to pull over and let your engine cool down. If you observe smoke coming from your engine, it indicates that you have overheated, and it is advisable to contact your Subaru dealer for necessary service and repairs.

In conclusion, the little blue light on your Subaru dashboard indicates that the engine is cool when you start your car. It is not a cause for concern but rather a reminder to drive cautiously until the engine reaches its optimal operating temperature. Once the engine warms up, the blue light will turn off, indicating that it is safe to drive normally and utilize the heater for warm air. However, if the light turns red, it is essential to stop driving immediately and allow the engine to cool down. Smoke coming from the engine is a sign of overheating, requiring immediate attention from a Subaru dealer.

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