How to Fix Amazon Fire TV Remote Issues and Reset It: A Comprehensive Guide

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YouTube app not working on Amazon Fire TV can be a frustrating issue, and many users might face problems with their Fire TV remote as well. This article focuses on the step-by-step process to reset your Fire TV remote and fix common issues related to the batteries draining quickly and more.

Key Points

  1. Resetting the Remote: A simple process involving a combination of buttons.
  2. Unplugging the Fire TV: Ensures proper resetting.
  3. Batteries Removal and Replacement: Critical for reconnection.
  4. Manual TV Turning On: Ensuring Fire TV is starting up.
  5. Pairing and Syncing Remote: Including voice controls like Alexa.
  6. Potential Repetition of Process: Sometimes required for full functionality.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Your Fire TV Remote

Step 1: Resetting the Remote

Hold down the back button, the button with three lines, and the left click button for about 15 seconds. A small indication on your screen, like scrolling back to the home button, shows that the remote is reset.

Step 2: Unplugging the Fire TV

Unplug the Fire TV from the wall outlet and take out the batteries from your remote.

Step 3: Turning on the TV Manually

Manually turn on your TV and then place the batteries back into the remote.

Step 4: Pairing the Remote

Hold down the home button for about 10 seconds until the light on the top of the remote blinks orange or yellow. This indicates that the remote is in pairing or syncing mode.

Step 5: Connecting to Bluetooth

If needed, hold down the button for longer or repeat the process. Once reconnected, go to settings > controllers and Bluetooth devices > Alexa voice remotes > add new remote. Your remote should appear under the list after 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 6: Utilizing All Features

After pairing, you should be able to use all the features of the remote, including voice controls like Alexa.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Fire TV Remote: Essential for controlling your Amazon Fire TV.
  2. Bluetooth Pairing Options: Ensures proper connectivity and full functionality.
  3. Alexa Voice Remotes: Provides voice control features for convenience.


If you were struggling with the YouTube app not working on Amazon Fire TV or faced issues with your Fire TV remote, this guide will help you reset and reconnect it, ensuring smooth operation. Make sure to follow each step carefully to achieve optimal results.

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